Love Astrology Spells to win the heart of women and make her happy

Love is a very strong feeling of affection towards someone whom you are attracted. You say that you love someone when their happiness is very important to you and you start behaving in a very caring way for that particular person. You make him a part of your day and night. Love is the feeling that a person’s happiness is very important to you and the way you show this feeling in your behavior towards them. You want to become the part and parcel of that person’s life. You do all possible efforts and show mere gestures just to get a smile on your lover’s face.

According to Love Astrology, Love is a sort of genuine liking. You can say that you love someone when you consider that is important and you want to protect or support it truly. Love is a strong liking for something. You would always consider your love the most distinguished of all the other bodies on this earth. You enter the heavenly world of strong emotions and gesture of being together always. If you would love to have or do something, you very much want to have it or do it. Love is also an affectionate way of addressing someone. Love is an expression of mind, an emotion of heart and a sound of soul. It wants the two counterparts to be together always and forever. They get connected from hearts and that is the time when they want to get physically united with one another. Love is a notion of words and gestures, of talks and giggles, of fights and secrecy, of being together even in fights.

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When two people can see the glowing charm of feeling in each other’s eyes they are said to be in true love and this feeling of love is overwhelming. When the two people start being together there is always of tendency of friction between both of them. These are big and small disputes which usually erupt after the marriage. We start finding faults in them because we become overprotective and insecure. The feelings are heart and mind are very sensitive and so they can be converted into harshness and violence at the same time. These feeling are natural in form but are to be carefully dealt with so that they further do not result in any kind of major fights. Patience and giving space are the best solutions. At times we start being over possessive toward our partner. This is the time when fights, screams and howls take place. Once theses disturbances start they go on and on and then it is very difficult to keep the relation intact. Love is replaced by hatred and the ultimate result is separation.

Marriage is a silken tie of love and esteems that two persons usually unrelated by blood. It is the oldest way of getting a man and woman together to live life in a society and have the closest ever relations with each other, bound only by love and confidence which has no limits and cannot be broken unless there is a loss of mutual trust and understanding. It is a common belief that marriages are settled in heaven and as such a matter of chance which settles is here and brings two souls together in an eternal knot. Such strong has been the belief in the sanctity of the institution that even gods and goddesses in heaven are believed to be tied in a knot of marriage. It is a priceless possession of a man or a woman to have a life partner of his or her own choice corresponding to their mutual aspirations.

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